Speed has been a theme this week

Speed seems to have been a theme this week.

  • Visiting dad and getting sharp because his internet  and PC are so slow.
  • Getting by broadband upgraded from 100MBPS to 153MBPS and seeing a significant increase in the loading of sites.
  • Reading about the speed of Twitter being a powerful force in killing off someone’s career – see here and thinking about it in relation to how news of Wellington’s success at Waterloo was communicated back to England (it took three days).

I used to think in terms of speed AND power but now think speed IS a form of power.  Speed defines all our lives but for me it’s less about absolute speed and more about the differential speed that is key. For example, I am not physically slow unless you put me with a bunch of walkers; dad is not slow unless you put him with a bunch of younger men; my car is not slow unless you put it next to a faster one. My broadband is fast.

When was the last time you really stopped and looked at something?



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South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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