Project 12: Public landscapes – suburbia

In these two images which are very similar to the first in this set – see here. But there are a couple of differences: in these two images I have experimented with colour and repetition as a way of injecting rather mundane images with some form.

I have shown the original photo in this first example but will just show the completed images from then on. This is because I want to get these images to work in a different way from the signs and so don’t want the viewer to compare and contrast between the two.

Original photo

Completed image
Landscape Motif-21

Landscape Motif-22

These digital montages of public landscapes are not as nearly good as the first one. In that the original image had a picturely quality I could build on whereas these are just too mundane and uninteresting.

However the suburban landscape has given me a way in to the project as I plan to look at different types of landscapes – suburban, monumental, countryside, seascapes for example – and inject them with a sense of disability through digital montage. However I think I will work with images that have an interesting innate form  to begin with as that will help draw the viewers interest.

The second issue I will experiment with is in the level of obviousness of the symbolism. So with some images it will be very obvious and in others much more subtle. 


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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