This image caught my eye

This photo caught my eye.  It was published in the A-N website promoting INSIGHTS: An Exhibition of Photographs by Carers in Hertfordshire Camera Club.

What was it that resonated? Well the aesthetic approach firstly. Big dominant shapes filling the frame have a pleasing effect. Here are a couple of mine.

An image a day (42 of 365) 

An image a day (137 of 365)

But the image when deeper than being a pretty picture as its subject matter and title presented it as a statement. Thus a bowl full of empty drug packaging and the title of carer gave the image much depth. But the title of the image was:

Sandy Robertson, Not recyclable and gave a very different perspective on the image that I had.

This along with Jason’s post about the death of his mum – here – gave the start to today a strange muted vibe.


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South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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  1. The Plate: On first viewing I though lunar eclipse. Possibly because the shadow is so intense and visceral.

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