Interim exhibition and compromise

I’ve been working on ideas of what to present in the first year interim exhibition to take place at Camberwell in July and the process has involved more thinking than doing.

Firstly I have come to realise that the meaning I am trying to evoke through my images comes more from the spaces between the images as from within the images themselves. This means that my work lends itself better to either a book, online series of images or a very large exhibition.

The constraints I face for this exhibition are as follows:

  • I feel that the wider body of work is far from complete. But I want to show work that is both pictorially interesting and works as a discourse. So I need to create this sense with the work I have now.
  • Money. I need to pay to print and mount the work and so the work I exhibit needs to be useful to work in a series of settings so I can make the most of the exhibits. This means that I will work to a scale that can be effective in a variety of areas rather than exploiting the large spaces that may be available.

I have been looking through my images and developing ideas and this is what I have come up with.

I will present the following three images all at 36 inches wide on 5mm foam board as presented here.

My healtha2 size

My HomeMy Home 36

Your RulesYour Country 36

I hope the selection works by increasing the effect of the images one on top of the other so that the viewer will “read” the series top to bottom and then both inspect the images to make sense of what they are seeing and then contemplate the message. Buy hey – who knows.

I would have preferred to mount the images so that they were bounded with black simple frames but the cost was prohibitive. This method will allow me to transport the images easily and make light work for the people that hang them.

I am also experimenting with using matt paper to present the images and will see if this works.


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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  1. Really like these, great selection of images and think they all work well together.

    Liked by 1 person

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