Emily Allchurch – 2

I enjoyed a great presentation by Emily Allchurch yesterday. She took us through her conceptual and practical approaches in some detail included touching on the economics of her practice.

The presentation was online via Skype and Google Hangouts and worked very well. image

What I came to conclude was that her practice – building image libraries against an original historical template and then telling her story through selecting and overlaying aspects of her images onto it to produce a statement that is clearly hers, but that strongly references and Old Master can be seen as similar to the direction I am taking. However where Allchurch collects a library and creates the statement through one large multifaceted image, my approach is to collect and create a library of project images and then create the meaning through the adjustment and juxtaposition of them against one another as a series. So not that different really.

The whole thing fired me up … very useful time spent.


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