Project 12: Public landscapes – walls and floors

Whereas the last images I posted for this project were quite obvious in their reference to disability this first one is much more ambiguous. I used a scanner image of the type I experimented with in project 9 for this photo but it didn’t really work.

Security surveillance

Indeed I think the image says much more about surveillance than anything else. I then looked for some images that were pleasing in of themselves and injected them with the wheelchair symbol.

In this one I used a standard symbol and complementary colours.

Landscape Motif-25

In this image I have almost obliterated the symbol, but hopefully left just enough to interest the viewer and trigger the disability connotation.

Landscape Motif-16

In this photo below I found an interesting futuristic type of vista in terms of form and shape and so continued that theme with a different sort of symbol.

Landscape Motif-24

I really liked the form these last two images offer. The evocation is clear and the images work as interesting photos and as discourses. However I find that if I was to show these images by themselves or in a small set they would work better as before and after diptychs – see below – so recognise where the viewer is and where the image is taking them. But the images might work as singular statements within a wider body of work.   



About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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