Light, space and scale

Well it’s been quite a stressful time recently. My son’s have been trying to buy a flat in Bow since February and the exchange dates kept on having to be put back because of solicitor snags and I’ve been having to set some boundaries with dad which he hasn’t liked. It was in that context and Karen and I decided to drive to Hastings via country lanes yesterday. The warm weather and enforced concentration on driving helped clear my head and so by the time we arrived at Rock-n-Nore some two and a half hours later we were ready for lunch.

After fish and chips we wondered into the new Jerwood Gallery and spent some time enjoying seeing many surprising images. For example, the gallery was showing Lowry by the Sea – paintings I had not known about and did not associate with the artist as well as a variety of paintings with Scottish links lent by the Fleming Collection.


Production values
However what caught my interest on this visit was the context and form of the presentation. This is probably because I have been concentrating a lot on things to do with the first year show at Camberwell just now. Accordingly, issues of light, space and scale came to the fore as I wandered, and I found myself thinking about my own presentation plans in relation to what I was seeing here.


My first thought was just about how limited my control is. The context is set and I will be allocated a space on a wall. So my control will probably be limited to the image choice and  the size and mounting of it. Issues of lighting, and where it sits in relation to other work will be wholly in the gift of others.

One key issue for me will be the height and space between each image. I will think on this some more, along with ideas of how to hang the images – Velcro is probably my first choice.

MA Showcase

The day ended well:  the boys did finally exchange contracts yesterday; I’ve been blasting through my research paper, ordered my interim show prints and dad seems okay – for today at least. 

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