MA Interim show

As I have been working on all the aspects of the MA Interim (ie first year) show a nagging little thought has been popping up. Is it fair for a 57 year old retiree to take space from younger people just starting out on their careers?

I have no qualms about participating in other aspects of the MA because my use of college resources like the E-library or being a member of the cohort does not mean someone else losses out. But this might be the case with exhibition space. Of course I put the issue to the back of my mind and carry on preparing but wonder if anyone else feels like this or has opinions on the subject.

The build day for the show in July 6th 2015 and so I have contacted Jonathan to see how I can arrange for my three pieces to be installed.  When they arrive I will check and label them but today I have just been making up an installation plan to help the person who installs them.


Does this make sense?

I think the selection works well in terms of content and aesthetics with rectangles dominating the top image, and small horizontal lines the middle, and large lines in the bottom image. I think this gives the set a type of progressiveness.


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6 Responses to MA Interim show

  1. paul490280 says:

    I don’t believe that the intent of a group show can ever be about the fair allocation of space linked to how old you are. The benefit of mature students mixing with the ‘young uns’ is that each can learn so much from each other and a group show is a great opportunity for doing that. One of the problems with OCA is the other way around, it is predominantly mature students with little influence from a younger cohort. Go inspire!

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  2. paul490280 says:

    Oh, and I am interested in the way that you are linking the three sets of images to the three statements, it seems effective with the words having some power over the work. It does give it a political edge though which I wonder if this is becoming your direction on this?


    • anomiepete says:

      Thanks for the comments Paul. Yes the more time goes on the more I am seeing the works meaning coming from the contexts, order and spaces between the images as much from within them.


  3. I wouldn’t worry about space, it’s a pretty large room and besides you’re on the course and have as much right to exhibit as anyone else. In my opinion you don’t need the text and I think the work is almost stronger without it, obviously just my take though.

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  4. anomiepete says:

    Mmmmm, good point about the text……


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