Project 12: Public landscapes – monuments and spectacles

In this set of images I’ve tried to inject a sense of disability in relation to history and the monuments around us, and in photos that I would class as spectacles. This first one is a peach!

Landscape Motif-1

This rather obvious treatment of Dover Castle doesn’t work for me at all. It’s almost psychedelic! But the bright colourful evocation does little to get the viewer to consider the symbol and why I have placed it in the frame.

I then tried a more subtle approach using an image of Cambridge University where I placed a very subtle repeating disability symbol against the wall. You can barely see them.

Landscape Motif-11

I’m not sure whether the image works or not. Is it too subtle? I think I will sleep on that one.

In this next image I used the bus sign as the place to locate the disability symbol.

Landscape Motif-6

I like this image a lot. It works as an interesting picture but then if the viewer takes the time to really look they will see the disability symbol on the bus and then maybe consider it.

In this next set of images I have moved away from classic tourist type images to photos offering some sort of spectacle. This first photo of London Docklands I have allowed the vista to dominate. Indeed the viewer would only notice the symbol after a second or two just like with the previous photo.

Landscape Motif-14

In this second image you might find it very hard to even see the symbol. In fact it’s just on front of the barge name.

Landscape Motif-10

As with many of these montages, the effectiveness of them working as both pictures and discourses will depend on the context and images used in relation to each other. Accordingly the test will be how the images work in a set and so the best (my preferred) individual images may not be selected as they will need to work in relation to a set of images.


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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