I heard back from Jonathan yesterday regarding the Summer Show at Camberwell – see here for information- and am pleased to say that my work will be situated in an accessible part of Camberwell and this means that I can participate in the installation process on July 13th. 

So I have spent time carrying out some of the administration for the show. This largely involves labelling and so on, but one key question is whether to offer my work for sale and this raised some interesting questions.

  • Do I want to sell my work?
  • If so why?
  • Do I not want to sell it?
  • If so Why?

After some thought I have decided to offer the exhibit (My Health, My Home, Your Rules) for sale at £30,000.

You might think this is crazy, arrogant or daft but hear me out. I make my work for me, it’s a way I both make sense of my experiences and deal with the world around me.  I enjoy making photographs and digital images and sharing them but do not need to sell them.  For example, £500 going into my bank account would not make a difference one way or the other to how I live.  But if someone offered me say £30,000 then that would affect the family finances and so it’s on that basis that I would sell – however miniscule the chance.


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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  1. Good luck Pete…you never know…

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