Project 12: Public landscapes – the seaside

Working on these first two images offered me a sense of where the edges of this approach (ie symbolism digitally inserted into frames) might be. For example in this first shot the sign is so small as to be invisible and so useful in evoking any sense of disability in public spaces.

Image and detailimage

The next experiment failed for a different reason: the sign doesn’t look realistic enough to evoke a sense of authenticity.

Original image and adjustmentsimageimage

This photo below works a little better and the sign has a little shadow added to its side to add a sense of depth.

Landscape Motif-3

This last image has an almost invisible sign added just under the pink bag – but you have to look hard.

Landscape Motif-15

I think it’s clear that those images that work best do so because they are interesting pictures to begin with. Their form works to make an interesting vista and then the symbol adds a question.


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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