Project 12: Public landscapes – docks and countryside

So this is a series of images that continue my exploration of the landscape and injecting the vistas with a sense of what its like to move around it as a wheelchair user.

I’ve tried something quite different with this first image by offering it in monochrome   – the crane is the location of the tiny wheelchair symbol. I don’t like the image because its neither picturesque or interesting, but as I had produced it decided to show it. 

Landscape Motif-20

The second image of Newhaven harbour shows a much more straight approach with the ship passing the car park. I think the symbolism works well here because of transport featuring so heavily in the vista.

Landscape Motif-17

This next image taken near Rye in east Sussex works quite well because of its form whereas the next image makes a good picture but does not lend itself to the inclusion of a symbol even though I have tired to place on in the gravel

Landscape Motif-12

Landscape Motif-13

I think I am coming to the end of this project. In fact I think the only thing missing from the set are landscapes with people and a much more urban (as apposed to suburban) landscape so I am going to concentrate on that area next.


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South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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