Project 12: Public landscapes – urban landscapes and people

Rather than just document the landscape and inject a sense of disability into the image through symbolism I have selected a different kind of landscape here – ones with people in. Indeed  you could argue that these images are not landscapes and are more social documentary and I wouldn’t disagree. However they are included because without them something was lacking in the set. That is the relationship (or non relationship) between wheelchair users and non disabled people in public spaces. Hopefully these images address that issue witho0ut having the need to include images of disabled people within the frame. Thus I have tried to use images that, as before, have a good gestalt and then placed a wheelchair symbol into the frame.

This first image was taken at the Southbank Landscape Motif-8

This photo was taken at the Goodwood RevivalMr P Mansell

This photo was taken at Paddington StationDeparted

This photo was taken under the A40 near BrentfordLandscape Motif-5

This image was taken outside St Pauls Cathedral11 Threat or difference?

These images are about what is missing in social environment. Disabled people may be more visible but I don’t think we are part of the society even though we are part of the social landscape. 


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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