Project 12: Public landscapes – review

This project has been all about creating pictures that speak from within themselves about the social experience of disability. My inclusion of the disability symbol in these rather ordinary landscapes hopefully triggers a thought process with the viewer about what it is to be a wheelchair user in these social public environs. However I don’t however expect that evocation to be clearly made by the images at this time as they are shown out of context. They will articulate this point better when situated within a wider body of work.

But the question for now is where next? Well just now I will concentrate on the exhibition but I am pretty sure I am going to explore words next as the approach has been triggered triggered by the work on the research paper.

But for now I have created one last image that is related to the project 12 set but different as it’s about my space at home. Just playing really. 


InterpretationLandscape 18-7


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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