Curation and Camberwell Space

I visited Camberwell College on Monday to set up my work for the Interim Show in the Camberwell Space. This is a largish area right at the from of the building and off to the right as people enter.


The process of curation was led by Jonathan and he worked incrementally and iteratively with everyone brought in pieces and sight of them in situ gave way to plans changing as the relationships between works came to the fore. Soon enough though people began installing their work.


In fact some of the work being carried out was more akin to creation rather than curation!


My work
The piece I was installing was entitled My Health, My Home, Your Rules. I had help unpacking it and getting it up.

The result
You can see the relationship of my work to two of my colleagues in the image above right. We explicitly hung it low and I think it works well. None of the works have titles by them, rather there will be details available regarding all of the exhibits in one flyer.


Waldermar Januszczak said “… all exhibitions should begin – with a burst of art that thumps you in the chest and forces your mouth open.”  Well I am not sure that our exhibition achieves that, but it seems to me to be about as diverse as you could imagine, and that’s a good thing from my perspective as its extended my horizons and made me see things from new perspectives.


Waldermar Januszczak, Any Colour as long as it’s black, Culture 05/07/2015 The Sunday Times


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South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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