Draft Research paper – feedback and reflection.

Rather than submit an outline of my research paper I had sent Gareth Polmeer a completed first draft of it so when we came to speak I was prepared for the feedback to mean I might have a lot of work to do as these papers are always a challenge that, for me, is around how narrow and deep one goes into a subject (or how wide one takes the exploration).

Gareth’s general points were that the paper was good: the chosen subject appeared to interest and the structure engaged him. The things I could improve upon were as follows:

  1. Mention where the essay is going at the beginning, the scope of the paper and what the edges of it are (eg gender and race politics), and the findings of the paper and why they are more open ended eg research is in progress
  2. Beef up – maybe add a third paragraph under the causes of disability
  3. Read every time I have used the term disability and impairment and make sure they are crystal clear to the reader
  4. Make explicit the problem of finding examples of disability imagery that does not include visible references to the body within the frame

So I spent most of yesterday editing the paper and now plan to put it away for a month and then review it with fresh eyes. A good day’s work though.


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South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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