Queer photography – a connection?

David Benjamin Sherry’s vividly coloured landscapes where shown in Apertures Spring edition and so positioned as queer. The images, natural landscapes were positioned on their own, next to images of camp men, gay men or bodies and introduced by Kevin Moor who made the following points about them.

  • They stand in opposition or appropriate straight photos of natural landscapes
  • They draw out the inherent alienation such landscapes offer.

You can see the type of landscape here and also an interpretation that does not recognise or allude to the images being queer in any way. But when the artist’s work is interpreted by others such as in Aperture the connection is made.

Sherry’s photos do not obviously signify homosexuality. They can and do readily challenge the values of straight photography by the colouration of the landscapes. But it is only by reference to the written word that the queer connotation is made. So, and just as with lots of my imagery, the issue is only partially evoked from within the image itself and lots of different associations and meanings can be evoked. But it is by reading the artist’s commentary that the intended evocation is made. I don’t think I want to take that approach. Rather I want to create the discourse more through the imagery alone and so it will have to be by context and associations that my statements will be made (hopefully).


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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