My life’s chair history


I do get a bit frustrated with chair manufacturers. When first injured in 1978 I had NHS supplied Everest and Jennings Chairs. They weighed about 53 pounds, flexed like hell and broke every few months.

I then got a Swede 24 chair in 1984 and that transformed my life until 1991 (judging by old photos) when Kushall brought out a chair, but within a 2 years I had moved to Quickie because the Kushall’s frame sheared.

I had the Quickie GPV(?) Titanium until 2004 and it never missed a beat. But then came what I consider to be the Concord of chairs – the Quickie TI. I had this until 2014 and its frame weighed = 4.65KG or 10.25lbs and even with heavy daily use it never caused any problems (although I always had to buy a new back rest each year).

When I came to get a new chair in 2012 as I wanted a shorter frame with a greater 90 degree front angle I could not find any chair maker to meet my wish list of a short chair as light as the old Quickie.

So while I am happy with my Ti Lite ZRA, I am not happy that its frame weighs 7.10 kgs or 15.65 lbs.

It’s good looking at the images of the chairs and seeing how they have changed over the years.


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