I don’t usually post at weekends. I try to add structure to the week by working on my interests from Monday through Friday and then watching TV and reading the papers on Saturday and Sunday. However that hasn’t happened.

I had a massive bleed last night. Often I can stop them within 20 minutes or so but this bleed was different. Blood was running out rather than trickling. Five minutes went by, ten, 15, 30 and so at 45 minutes I decided that it wasn’t going to stop without help and so phoned 999. The rest of a story is here for you to see.

Emergencyweb (1 of 6)Emergencyweb (2 of 6)Emergencyweb (3 of 6)Emergencyweb (4 of 6)Emergencyweb (5 of 6)

So back to normality now ….until the next crisis. The constant pressure of keeping body and soul together takes a heavy toll on my mental wellbeing.


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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  1. Thinking about you Pete, take care!

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