We had an online symposium yesterday that was eclectic rather than thematic and the discussion ranged from the difference between a quotation and citation through up-coming deadlines to the numbers of new students beginning the MA this year (18). People were mostly focussed on the research paper though, and this put me a bit out of sync with them as my final draft is with Gareth for review and so I expect to revise it once more only, taking account of Gareth’s comments and final formatting, and then submit the final paper.

But I did play a little with images yesterday…


I was trying to evoke a sense of separation and distance but don’t think it worked at the first attempt but then I found a successful way in. 


I didn’t make this with any particular application intended, and so am unsure how I would use such an image. The motivation behind it is the separateness I feel from others in society. I enjoyed working on it and the colouring. 

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South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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