Project 14: The body and another approach – collage

In some of my earlier posts on this project I noted how some images would only work in conjunction with others and so have tried to explore that here. I have chosen to create both a faux documentary collage in monochrome and a blue type of image to nod to a cyanotype and the scars being the visible essence of my impairment.



I think the monochrome versions works better than the blue – it’s more deadpan, honest and looks less contrived. I then wondered about rendering the collage in an angry colour and produced this below.


I am not sure about any of these images yet. They do reference some of the visible elements of my paralysis but there is just something that doesn’t click for me about the aesthetic.

Of course it might be that they need completing in terms of production values aimed at a particular product – eg hanging, or in a book. For example, if I were to hang this I think I would create a border so the images were bounded like this below.

Final Skin 26 inch (1 of 1)


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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