Symposium: Unit 1 Assessment, the pop up show and the Lumen Prize

We had a chat session that mainly focussed on the Unit 1 Assessment timetable and criteria. One of the takeaway messages from this was the fact that we will receive formal feedback in mid to late November grading our work from within a range of A+ through to F along with explanatory commentary.

I also asked about the venue for pop up show scheduled for late November and found it’s planed to be held at Camberwell. I spent some time thinking about this last evening – how and what I want to contribute and have come up with the following criteria.

  • produce something that addresses people’s conceptions about disability and reflects something of my experience
  • attempt to make a broad statement rather than narrow so that people without any interest in disability can get the point
  • use the scale of the venue to my advantage
  • don’t spent too much money on production as it’s just a pop up show

I will begin work on this over the next month…..

After the symposium we logged into the Lumen Prize video stream and I listened to three presentations from William Latham; Scenocosme and Marcus West. Each speaker spoke about their work and its development over time. There were lots of points one could discuss but for me two key issues were brought to the fore:

1) The power of some works being set to create new works. That is how some digital work is more about setting off a programme to create as yet unknown work and seeing how images evolve from that. For example William Latham’s website here offers a great sense of the possibilities from such an approach.

2) How digital, just like photography, doesn’t fit into any one existing category or box and so digitally created art can be seen to encompass massive breath – eg sound, video, still imagery, and performance based art with controls that can often either automate  sub processes and or introduce new forms of control and creation such as air pressure eg Project Soli. Indeed lots of the points made here reminded me of issues I was introduced to at the Digital Revolution exhibition at the Barbican last year – see here.

Questions that popped into my mind:
Is binary code any different from Morse code?

00 000 / 1000 00 10 01 010 1011 / 1010 111 100 0 / 01 10 1011 / 100 00 0010 0010 0 010 0 10 1 / 0010 010 111 11 / 11 111 010 000 0 / 1010 111 100 0 001100

Once this post is online will  I ever be able to delete it 100 per cent?

Here is my photo of the session: (actually it’s not). Rather it is bad facsimile of it. Flickr offers better colour rendering. By better I mean closer to what I created – see here and compare to the one below and see how different they are.


I’m going to have to be really careful when deciding how and where to locate my images if I exhibit online as all the sites offer slightly different renderings and I will need to account for that by producing images for the particular sites.


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