Blogging and dad

This post was going to be about blogging but events turned it into something else. I wanted to spend some time thinking about my blog and blogging as it is currently the main way I engage with the external world about my work.

There are lots of sites and people offering tips to bloggers like this one, and this one for artists who blog but there are many many more with hundreds of tips. Many didn’t resonate with me but two  tips stood out.

      • Have a point
      • Post regularly
      • Don’t write too little or too much
      • Keep the structure simple

So why am I blogging?

      1. It is a requirement for my MA and so the blog forms part of the assessed material
      2. It provides me with a space to post work and reflect on it, including sharing my processes and research
      3. It offers a way of connecting with interested people, as I can follow their work and they can see mine, and so  offers a platform for getting views and feedback
      4. It gives my work exposure

And really, that is about it. Whether I am successful or not depends on things like formal assessment for my MA, what I think of the final work and how successful I have been in engaging people. Thus far the blog statistics look like this.





About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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