Eclectic collection of thoughts

Project 16: colour v monochrome
I wanted to confirm my original thought that colour is key to this project and so needed to test this. Here are two versions of the same image.


The first one seems much more imaginative and dreamlike bit in this instance it lacks the digitalness of an earlier image that captures the grid like quality off of the screen. I need to be clearer about what I am trying to evoke – an idea of movement and dreams. Thus the images need to be evocative and slightly surreal and colour is part of that.

Friday symposium
We had a good catch up and discussion today – the discussion ranged from disabled parking, cycling, works by Cerith Wyn Evans, Robert Irwin, acrylic towers and their price, good and bad art, and the research paper (deadline next week).

Submitting my research paper to journals
I have been thinking about submitting my research paper to a journal like Disability and Society. I am pretty set on doing this but spent a hour thinking about the timing and the other areas of my practice. This led me to decide to submit the paper next July as that will generate exposure for the article and allow me to reference and market some of my visual work that attempts to illustrate my answer to the problem posed.   


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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  1. SB Selimovic says:

    Good luck with it!

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