Project 16: Ending: a triptych and a single image

I’ve been finalising my experimentation with this project over the past couple of days. Of course the images I eventually use will probably differ from these shown here. However I think these offer the viewer a sense of what I am trying to evoke and so offer a good end point for now (until I come to decide what form – book, online, exhibition – to show my images).

Regular readers will remember that I explained my rationale for turning toward the body, and specifically movement, here. Movement is central to my experience and forms a central physiological experience of paralysis. It encompasses movement as both an aspiration and social activity. So to ignore this central aspect of my life would be wrong.

The single imageMoving web 1 (1 of 1)

This image comes up a little dark on this site and you can see a better rendering of it on Flickr. My aim has been to use the loose shape, bright colours, screen artefacts, and even blown areas to evoke rather than document and to offer a sense of the fleeting and ephemeral.

The triptych – work in progressA2 sizeMoving web tryptych (2 of 3)Moving web tryptych (3 of 3)

The triptych works better against a dark background because of the blown areas, but the processing will need to be very different for each output media – eg screen artefacts don’t work very well as small (book) scale but work well when shown large.

My Dreams web-2

In fact all of these images work better as a large scale as the shapes work as different levels the closer you get to the image.

This has been a strange project – very satisfying but very different for me in both subject matter and style. I hope when I come to put the work together it complements the other approaches I have adopted through its contrast rather than disrupts. Time will tell whether I am correct.

About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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2 Responses to Project 16: Ending: a triptych and a single image

  1. Catherine says:

    there is certainly that sense of transient movement – a flash and it’s gone.

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  2. I really like these, Pete, especially the first. Very different from some of your other stuff.

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