Project 17: Variety

I think that I am getting near the end of being able to find a sensible way of using this typology. As with earlier versions using fewer images the gif does not offer the power and evocation of the grid, but then I am as  yet unsure whether I should offer the grid in realistic colour of monochrome to bring out the shape and monotony of the experience. What do you think?

Variety final



I will only be able to decide on the final production values when I have considered and decided upon the values and context I show the image in.

I think I will just try a grid with more symmetry and less variety as my last hurrah on this project.


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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2 Responses to Project 17: Variety

  1. gesa says:

    Hi Pete – having looked through the variation of variety over your past few posts, I find myself returning to the second of the images here: the one in colour. To me the similarity of hue and muted chroma (with just the odd yellow in there) reinforces something that you described later on as you searching for the sense of monotony and repetition. A grid-based still also works best for me… the gif’s animation is very forceful and pushes me away from any thought that may arise.

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