Yesterday’s tutorial was good. Jonathan asked a couple of questions that made me reflect on both the motivation for, and after effects of, my work on me, and that made me reflect about that, rather than the work. We also discussed the move from the Research, Development and Practice phase to the Reflection and Presentation stage and where I am in terms of getting my final research proposal and Unit 1 Assessment completed and I will have completed these by the November 9th deadline and will post them next week.

Two pieces of good news are:

  • That the Pop Up show will go ahead on November 25th with participants from all five MA courses. I may be able to attend – physically get in- but if not then will pass my work to Jonathan.
  • Discussions are taking place regarding the site for the final show next July with one option being the Wilson Road site. This would be good new for me as it is accessible.

I also asked Jonathan about the sort of numbers Camberwell gets attending such shows and he explained that the opening day can received a few thousand visitors and then often in the hundreds for the rest of the week. This is important because it suggests that it is worth my while investing financially in terms of producing work whereas if the footfall was not great then while I would want to participate I would limit my budget. (For example, the pop up show production costs were about £200 but were simply large prints whereas if I were to present them in an ideal for the costs would be almost double.)

Other activities
I’ve also been experimenting with symbols and the idea of perspectives – see below. The aim is to produce something that questions what we see. All the images are the same save for the multiplying or cropping of the quartered images of two symbols and two people.


I prefer this version though: the contrast in stronger and the mixing of the perspectives generates a greater visual dynamic.

book images1


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South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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