I have submitted these images alongside a commitment, if selected, to produce a book for the above exhibition. I hope the two products will take the viewer beyond the focus on the physical and plan to include a selection of images from the MA that address more cultural aspects of the experience of paralysis.

I have shown the images in the way of I have so you can see how I plan for them to work together as a set.



I have listed the call out details below.

Part of Artists’ Books and the Medical Humanities event organised by University of Kent and University of New England, supported by Welcome Trust.

  • Exhibition to be held at Beaney Art Museum, Canterbury, April 21st – August 15, 2016
  • Deadline for submissions: midnight January 15, 2016

PRESCRIPTIONS is a juried exhibition of book art to supplement Martha Hall’s exhibition of works as part of Artists’ Books and the Medical Humanities symposium and workshop, organised by University of Kent and University of New England. Hall’s books, created from 1998 until her death in 2003, document her experiences with breast cancer and her interactions with the medical community. The symposium, which will launch the exhibition, will explore connections between artists’ books, health/illness and medicine from interdisciplinary perspectives. It will include invited keynote presentations, panels, a poetry reading, an exhibition tour and a documentary screening that features Hall. 

Submissions of artists’ books for the juried exhibition may respond to the following themes:

    • The cultural, spiritual and metaphorical associations between the book as a form and idea and the body/mind
    • Cutting and stitching in surgery and bookmaking
    • Art as medicine/medicine as art
    • Relation of artists’ books to visual arts, performance and poetry
    • Artists’ books as illness narratives
    • The textual, the physical and the digital in artists’ books and medicine
    • Artists’ books, empathy and an ethics of touch
    • Breast cancer and women’s health activism
    • Artists’ books and women’s artistic practices
    • Educational value of artists’ books/health archives
    • Artists’ books, intimacy and mindfulness


A good article about Martha hall can be found here: http://www.genderforum.org/issues/literature-and-medicine-ii/what-the-book-told/




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