“There are three types of lies — lies, damn lies, and statistics.”


Benjamin Disraeli’s quote came to mind for this little experiment. I had employed the  sue of some statistics in preparing my paper for Assessment of Unit 1 – see here – and made a point about the average view looked at just over 3 pages or posts per visit.

Reflecting on the above I wondered just how malleable the statistics might be and ran a little experiment with “Likes”

On Tuesday November 3rd a found a list of sites with “photography” as a tag and gave each of 100 sites a “like”. I then waited to see if this had any affect on my own site statistics. 

In the 24 hours following the intervention my blog received 15 visitors, 29 views, 9 likes and two comments. Most of the action came within 3 hours of the intervention.

The likes possibly produced more action for my own site than without the stimulus from me. But the highest number of views on any single day has been 194 and so something much more than just liking another persons post is key to views received.

Is the purpose to get my work viewed or to create the work and hope it’s viewed? I don’t want to create work for the purpose of viewing rather I want to create it as an expression of self. So do I have a natural audience? This is one of the things quite a lot of blog tip sites talk about – knowing who your target audience is.

Now I do know who I want to address:  these are people who hold conventional views of the world and see disability as the same as impairment. It’s most definitely not other disabled people or artists who work in the same area as that approach is like preaching to the converted. But knowing a target audience isn’t the same as engaging with them and that’s the issue I need to address: how to garner interest from my target audience? To what end? I can answer the latter question but not he former.

The purpose of sharing my images is to offer a particular view of the world and share that with others who largely don’t hold that, or similar views, because they are blind to seeing the world from my point of view.

But how do I get people interested? Join a network such as: Axisweb? But I am not really sure to what benefit?

Maybe making more use of the Saatchi online gallery would make sense. But then again I have not as yet decided on the form of any completed works and that site appears to be attuned to the single exhibition picture. Exhibiting needs more thinking from me…


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South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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4 Responses to “There are three types of lies — lies, damn lies, and statistics.”

  1. If what you want is a lot of visitors the thing that seems to work best is the same things that work best in all forms of media. Sex, Controversy and Shock + networking. I’ve had about a half dozen blogs here and done quite a bit of “experimenting”. It was both fun and educational. The conclusion for me is that marketing 101 applies to the blogging world quite well. This latest blog of mine is a new one and I’m not experimenting anymore. At the moment I’m just blog dumping for me and reading what I like. I know a few professional bloggers and they market their product best across multiple platforms with one centralized selling point that they link to from all their other platforms.


    • anomiepete says:

      I thought as much Tina. I suppose the issue brings me back to asking myself why I blog? It’s a requirement of the MA so would I blog in any case? Probably. But I think my aim should be to continue to produce work I want to produce, rather than produce work that I think will draw in viewers. I will have a good look at your site.

      ATB Pete

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  2. Also, I just sent a comment and it vanished? What’s with that? Usually I at least get a message saying that the comment is being moderated or some such… weird


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