Looking toward Unit Two: thinking about curation, thinking about outputs

I feel I am now at a key moment in my work. Unit 1 is pretty well complete, my research proposal sharp, my research paper written and submitted, a body of draft experimental work produced and three exhibitions completed, or planned for. Thus it feels like the time to turn to reflection and presentation. This will mean for me mainly curating and developing the products and production values I want to be associated with my body of work in order to create a visual essay. Of course it will inevitably mean making new work as really I have just laid the foundations up until now.

I found a great site here that not only helpfully defines digital curation but takes the viewer through its stages. In summary these are:

  • Conceptualise – Create- Access and use – Appraise and select – Dispose- Ingest – Preservation action – Reappraise – Store – Access and reuse- Transform

You might think that I am now at the reappraise stage, but in reality the transformation stage is the point I am at as it is only by deciding on the form of presentation that any reappraisal can usefully be made. In addition the lifecycle doesn’t have anywhere where marketing sits easily and this will be an important stage for me and so I will come back to that at a later date. But for now lets see where I am.

At this point I have completed 17 main projects. But viewing a list belies the variable level of quality in the outputs between them all. For example, the work on Brands only consisted of a view days’ effort that was not good whereas the projects on symbolism produced lots of interesting and high quality outputs.

Thinking about outputs
Thus far I have tried to be unconcerned with creating outputs aimed at any particular form of media eg book or, images designed to be hung on a wall. This aim was explicit as I wanted to explore and experiment visually with the subjects of disability, impairment and illness rather than create the images with a specific product in mind. This is why the project images on my website are contextualised on the opening page by the statement below. However sometimes I let my mind look forward and wonder about the final projects (such as here) and that was useful.


However the two major experiences that have taken me right through the production cycle have been creating specific outputs for the interim and pop up shows. The experience at the Interim show was very useful as it gave me a good indication of where my control and influence can be best applied. For example, while I have control of the imagery outputs I have very little control over the context and spaces used in the exhibition. So I will concentrate now on the form of my outputs (and think about the reach of my influence).


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