I was distracted from doing any real practice work yesterday by some very bad news. Accordingly I tried to distract myself by reading. Thinking good wishes for you Sarah.

Photo Show: Landmark exhibitions that defined the history of photography
One would think that the presentation of photos in a given physical space would be straight forward but it isn’t. A simple review of important historical exhibitions can intimate why.

One of the key realisations of this course has been just how very important context is for the evocation of meaning. I know this sounds obvious but it is only when you begin to consider how you are going to present your work and why that the issue becomes alive. For example, I am clear that I want to present my experience of paralysis without major references to my body as by doing so I hope to offer viewers new and different perspectives than photos of my scars or a wheelchair in a landscape would.

But this means that I need to trigger their consciousness about paralysis in relation to the photos and pictures they see. I could do this by using writing but that is too directional and so I plan to use the context of images placed next to each other to achieve my aim. This is relatively straight forward in a book but I am not sure what it might mean in terms of exhibitions and so have been exploring important artistic and photographic exhibitions in order to understand best why specific choices were made.

So I need to read this book and consider my thoughts in regard of exhibiting physical prints. Here is the first chapter.

Deviations from the norm: curating photographs in the internet age. (R Krauss called it Space for Choice)

Mauro, A (ed.) Photo Show: Landmark exhibitions that defined the history of photography, published by Thames and Hudson, 2014


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