Yesterday’s symposium and absence

Our symposium was one filled with contradictions. It started with a short discussion on the terrible news from Sarah. Thus she was present throughout the symposium – in our minds and thoughts – while conspicuous in her absence from the discussion. 

Philip Courtenay, academic support tutor, facilitated the session. We discussed where we are and where me may go. The diversity of practice is astonishing: media used, focus and approaches are all massively different. This meant I did more reading and thinking than speaking as lots of things said needed thinking about and reflecting upon in order to make sense.

I also spoke to  Jason who has delayed his second year – but he seems the better for it.

So now I feel that part one has past and I am on the second leg of this MA project and looking very much toward curation and production. 



About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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