Project 19 Words – as pictures

I’ve been thinking about words quite a lot recently. A few of my colleagues on the MA are working a lot with words – see here and here. This seems very far from my approach but pictures and words an key to communication and pictures without words to give context can be problematic because the interpretation can be endless. Of course there is nothing wrong with a fully open image but if, as me, you want to speak about things using images then it can be.

Anyway enough writing/words of explanation – let’s get to the project. Here are some key phrases just typed on a page.


The disabled – defines a group who are disabled

Disabled people – defines individuals who are disabled

People with disabilities – does something different: it conflates the term disability with physiological impairment and so locates the experience within the person. The other two do not do that.

I then began to explore how I might change the relative evocation of the words through colour.


The colours used above, along with the framing and scale make the words much stronger than in the simple original image. Compare them to the image below where they still make a bold statement but nowhere nearly as strong as the one immediately above because of the space and size adopted.


I don’t think there is a best or right image or approach here; rather the context will determine that.


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South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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