The pop up show, and big issue in the north

I will drop off my contribution to the pop up show this morning. I won’t get to see it in situ because of a lack of wheelchair access, but as a mainly online student I’m happy to get the contribution in. I will look forward to seeing some images of it up as its large (4 x 80cm square images) and receiving any feedback.

Just to remind you it’s this image. (But is can be viewed better on Flickr here)


Big Issue in the North
I’ve had another photo published in the 2nd to 8th November 2015 issue of Big Issue in the North.


I was one of the images taken when I visited the Mademoiselle Privé exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery (see here). Single images seem to work best as spectacle rather than discourse and for me they are just exercises in form rather than reflecting anything I want to say. But it’s sure nice to see ones own photo in a publication.


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South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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  1. Catherine says:

    Wishing the pop-up Exhibition every success. Congratulations on getting into The Big Issue again.

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