Last symposium of the Autumn term and pop up show

Jonathan emailed our second year marking criteria and deadlines today prior to the afternoon’s symposium. This useful document had lots of key information in it and I have summarised this into what I am expected to have produced and by when below.

Assessment Evidence

  • Participation in a Symposium. This involves giving a formal 5 minute video presentation on my work followed by questions and discussion.
  • My blog as a reflective Journal will include a 500 word written post critically evaluating:
    • My practice and
    • future development and
  • My Practicle work resolved according to my Project Proposal and presented professionally as part of a final exhibition

All work for assessment will be submitted via my blog and in the final exhibition. We are required to create a new page called ‘Unit 2 Assessment’ and provide notes and links to all the assessment evidence required including the short 500 word written post

Submission Deadline and Procedure

  • Symposium 02 June 2016
  • Written post 07 July 2016 (09.00 UK time)
  • Blog reflective journal & 4 Practical Work 07 July 2016 (09.00 UK time)

Feedback date

  • Week Commencing 18 July 2016

I’m both excited to be getting near the end and having to curate my work and create some final products to exhibit and already missing the structure this MA provides. But for now the aim is to plan backwards to see what time I have to produce my final resolved body of work.

The Pop Up Show
My images in situimage

Other images can be seen here


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