Project 18: Usurping intended function

I had a leaking leg bag a few days ago. I do check them before putting them on but this one must have contained an inherent weakness in its structure that only failed once the bag was under pressure from urine. Anyway the result was that after I cleaned myself up and got changed I began to play with leg bags and paint.


I used some poster paints that were around and poured a single colour into each bag. I then carefully laid the bags in a similar shape and just overlaying each other.


Here is one result.


I like the impression – especially the little leak from the top of the blue bag, but the light reflection on the same bag interferes with the image and so shot it again.


That attempt proved better but then I experimented with changing the green to a primary colour but that didn’t work out so well. Although the idea of subverting both the material and the photography (ie clinical material and documentary photos turned into non clinical material and an expressionist photograph) appealed to me.


I also played with various forms and formats but ended up thinking that the single image worked best


Re purposing objects to offer a different sense of their nature reminded me of the Arte Povera at the Tate I saw back in November 2015 and particularly Roger Hiorns engine – see here. Untitled 2006 consists of a BMW car engine covered in bright blue copper sulphate crystals, held aloft on top of two steel poles that rise vertically from a three-sided steel pedestal. Between two steel shelves within the pedestal lies a smaller, detached segment of the engine, which is also covered in blue crystals. Hiorns created the crystals by placing the engine parts inside a tank filled with copper sulphate solution to initiate a chemical reaction that produced the brilliant blue surface accretion. Over time the colour will lose its saturation as the crystals dehydrate.

I’m not sure if I will use this image for anything but it has offered a great contrast to the other ways I have previously presented images of the kit I use.


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South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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