Book: focus and production values

In this post I considered the various options for exhibiting my work, and one was to create a photobook. Books express very specific and particular values that the other options I have looked at do not. For example, physically exhibiting work as prints and creating a video are time limited and so performance based. Viewing images online does not have that drawback but is, by its nature, virtual with no physicality to the experience. By contrast a photobook offers the chance to create a long and complex visual statement – a discourse – through the use of book conventions of chapters. It also can be more cost effective than creating exhibition prints while still offering people a physical artefact.

One key aspect of the book will be sequencing. How I articulate what I want to say will be largely determined by this as will the evocation I want to engender as will layout and the use of white space, and scale/size. Then again the book doesn’t necessarily need to be one book but could be a series of books each with its own focus.

So there are big pros and cons to books.

If I decided to produce a whole book would it be a book of images or a record of the exhibition? The timetable determines that it has to be the former.

Skills and expertise
As I use Lightroom I could use its book module and produce a book using Blurb. But this would mean giving over some control by adapting them to fit in with the format. I’ve not any experience of producing a book. Things like the text size and font and their evocation would need to be considered as well as the relationships between photos positioning and size and general production values. So, in fact, the Blurb constraints could actually help with this my stopping me going too wild.

Timetable and logistics
Before I decide what to produce I need to think about the timescale and logistics, It’s November 30th 2015 today and that leaves 31 weeks before the July 7th deadline to have materials ready for the final exhibition. So I have time enough but know it can fly by quickly and seemingly unnoticed.

I need to investigate books and production options.


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