Book: first try

I’ve been trying to develop my approach to the Photobook and came up with this concept.

Book title: Paralysis


Contents list
Part 1: Facts

  • Me
  • My Kit
  • My Home
  • My Health

Part 2: Experience

  • Our Voices
  • Activities
  • Outlook
  • Keeping Well

Part 3: Interpretation

  • Values

Part 4: Aspiration

  • Movement
  • Recognition

Part 5: Exhibition

  • Have images of the exhibition in this section

This process doesn’t really work. I have to keep jumping from one screen to the other and can’t get a working flow right. So, rather than sitting in front of my PC deciding this I printed off rough images on plain paper and began to organise them on my desk. This process was better and resulted in a rough first stab at organising my work – see here 1 Draft book layout.

While the process was better the result is very poor. The structure is cumbersome – it separates out and puts too much distance between things that need to be closer to each other to offer comparisons and juxtapositions to the viewer and so generate questions about how the world is organised. I also think that the choice of images is far from correct and it looks a bit of a mess at the moment. There are lots of formats, aspect ratios and styles and so it all looks a bit of a mess.

But it’s a start.


About anomiepete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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