Draft Book 1 to Draft book 2

So I have had a second go at my book organisation and selection and have included the second draft here. 2 Draft book layout.

You will see the major differences:

  • The first is that I have added some copy to the cover but left out the imagery. This is because I don’t think I can work on the cover imagery until I have the content and structure right for the book.
  • I have introduced a title Paralysis: Documented, Experienced Imagined and then left out any section headings and just allowed the individual chapter headings to speak for themselves.
  • The third change has been to apply symbols as chapter separators as a way of giving the books some thematic unification.
  • Lastly the selection of images has changed. I won’t go through each change here – rather you can see the imagery in the draft PDF.

I think I am on the right approach but still having trouble in finding a way of unifying such diverse imagery in one book. I will continue to play with images laid out on my desk. However I am beginning to understand that all the issues of context in the book – eg  structure, imagery, order and layout, are as important as the images selected as its those things that imbue the images with the particular meaning.


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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