Draft book 2 to 3

I’ve been struggling with the idea of this book and continue to do so. In this third try at a draft I have created more uniform book separators and changed the order of images a little but it’s still not working as the images appear too diverse to speak consistently and the conceptual approach doesn’t flow.

I tried using chapter markers in the second draft and have tried that again here with more consistent markers. But it’s one thing to see the markers together like these below, where the idea is to subliminally reinforce ideas about difference and representation, but wholly another applying the idea in a book. I need to do some more research.


I have also made some changes to the headings. For example changes Our Discussion to Our Dialogue and  My Views to My View but this are still very fluid and the order is not right yet.

Lastly while I am pretty content with the images in My Home most of the other sections still need lots of work.

Here is the draft 3 pdf anyway.


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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