Draft book 3 to 4

I think the reading and reflecting has paid off and I am beginning to get somewhere. Here is the latest draft 4 pdf. I concentrated less on images selection here and more on the chapter headings and internal imagery of the book.

The book cover
The book cover has been wholly revised. You will recall that I changed aspect ratios after the first draft and have kept with the square format. This inevitably meant that I would need to create a new book cover but rather than adapting the first one I created a new one from scratch. Here it is.


Book cover detail below


I have tried to create a simple but yet dynamic cover through the use of symbols and am happy (ish) with it.

Chapter headings
So you will see that in this pdf the chapter have changed again. They are not quite right but close to being acceptable are as follows:

My Body
My Health
My Kit
My Home
My Street
My Country
My Experience
My Dreams
Your rules: my Views
Your Law: My Views
My Explanation

They are beginning to get some natural order to them working outwards from my body to my country and then into areas of interpretation. Hence for example, My Essay heading has turned into My Explanation.

Chapter imagery
I also created another set of book marker images where the view is gradually introduced to the symbols and people and wheelchair users and then this gets multiplied until the symbols are indistinguishable and just create one coloured mass. I think this concept works better that the previous markers as here there is a concept of views, perspectives, integration and representation whereas in the previous set none of that applied.


I am happy with the changes and will sit on them for a while.

Still lots and lots to do here.

I am content with the Blood Diptych, the My Kit grid and the sections on My Home and My Street but the rest of it needs lots of work on the form of presentation and its order as at the moment they appear to be rather random.


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South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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