Looking At Ourselves: The Photobook and Identity

The anthropological and documentary approaches of pre 1960s were challenged in terms of factual accuracy and authenticity

1960s onward – “the personal is the political” p213

Diaristic and biographical photobooks emerged out of the inward focus

Cultural identity has become an important theme for photobooks


  • Identity – ascribed or asserted
  • Roles – familial, economic,
  • Narratives – how we live
  • Cultures and sub cultures and tribes and fashions
  • The individual and his/her relation to the group
  • The groups relationship with other groups – them and us

Nothing about disabled people and stigma although the concept of a cultural identity is exactly what I am working on. Again the range of book examples is impressive.  

G. Badger, and M. Parr, (2014) The Photobook: A History Volume III Published by Phaidon Press


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