Cannibalizing Photography: Representing and Re-presenting the Medium

Appropriation to some degree has always taken place

Post modern 1970s made photography’s values and approach more explicit

Internet appropriation eg Other Peoples Photographs by J Schmid; Looters by T Doan na Champassak CCTV images see here


Streetview A New American Picture by D Rickard

Such approaches need a unifying theme to work well as a photobook

The central message of this chapter seems to be about appropriation and transformation and how new meaning is created by the reordering and presenting of old or diverse materials to make new aesthetics and new statements.

Production values also have a role here as they can create new meaning eg Manuel Gasser’s Scenes from the Life of a Road Racer was, the authors’ assert, originally printed on newspaper then transformed into photogravure p281

Interestingly Other People’s Photographs by J Schmid is self published and offered for sale on Blurb – see here

Digital appropriation of internet material appears to have brought new themes into play such as surveillance, voyeurism and privacy are all issues that come to the fore when we see our lives and our images appropriated and reflect back to us rather like some sort of distorted mirror.

Clearly one of the powers of the photobook is to rearrange and apply new meaning to photos possibly taken at different times and places. The examples appear more powerful than websites and I am not sure why. I could say they are less ephemeral – but who knows how long websites will last compared to books?  

G. Badger, and M. Parr, (2014) The Photobook: A History Volume III Published by Phaidon Press


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