Draft book sent for printing

Completing multiple drafts of my book along with the reading suggests to me that I am not going to get much further now without seeing the book in its physical form – eg things like paper quality etc. So following the detailed changes I made over the weekend and have listed below the book has been sent for printing using Blurb. Here is a pdf of the book.

Firstly, and even though my aim is to have my images speak without adding lots of notation, I have recognised that I do need to add some introductory words and so have done so on the front page.

Secondly I have introduced me – or my online version on me – by use of an image on the front page. Again this is all about trying to orientate the viewer to the images they will see and as this is a personal voice it seems sensible to offer them this view.

Thirdly I have made a change to the table of contents. I feel it’s okay up to My Community as each heading steps outward in terms of subject matter slightly from the previous one. This stops after My Community though as I am trying to moving people into responses, interpretations and feelings but don’t feel I have quite got that approach right yet.

The selection of images has also changed. This is particularly so in the My Country section and I have also introduced some imagery under a new section entitled My Feelings and dropped the Our Evolution setting as that doesn’t really speak personally.

Lastly I have added a personalised wheelchair symbol and my email address at the end page this inviting people to connect.

Even though I have now sent the book for printing I do not expect this to be the end. Rather it’s the beginning of the next phase as I fully expect the book I receive to need all sorts of adjustments (light, colour, contrast, tone etc), but I feel I have reached an important milestone.


About anomiepete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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2 Responses to Draft book sent for printing

  1. Catherine says:

    It’s very comprehensive Pete – quite stark looking with no punches pulled.

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    • anomiepete says:

      Thanks Catherine. I think there is quite a way to go in terms of getting each section’s form to work cohesively but I am happy where I am. It’s fun trying to use very few words and letting the images speak for themselves as much as possible!


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