Symposium review and related matters: My presentation

Jonathan emailed earlier in the week to outline plans for the next few symposiums. We have all been asked to make short presentations showing how our research has impacted on our work. I was first to go and created this short presentation to kick the Skype chat off. Here it is.

We had a long discussion that was useful as it made me describe and explain the concepts and approaches I was taking. At first this required quite a lot of discussion and explanation and at times the discussion nearly tipped too far to focus on the politics and not the art – but we caught that early and kept on track. By the end of the session I was pleased because I think everyone could understand my approach. It’s also really enjoyable talking about ones own work Smile as it pushed to me reflect on aspects of it some more.

Jonny Briggs
We were also given access to a recent presentation by the artist Jonny Briggs. My thoughts were as follows:

  • His focus was domestic and local
  • His stated approach was to blur what’s real and what’s not – takes back to childhood – eg artefacts from parents home – only symmetrical from camera POV
  • The variety of Brigg’s approach – sculpture, photography, interactivity (eg Boxes), collage – was surprising but helpd together through the consistent theme (family and relationships)
  • His imagery was more discourse than spectacle.

About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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