Symposium review: Clara’s presentation

You will recall that students were given the opportunity to present their research work focusing on their research paper and the connection with heir practice; and so it was Clara who presented her ideas and work yesterday. She had sent a short visual presentation that indicated the focus of her work. This was:

  • mixed media (photography, painting, performance and poetry) and
  • synaesthesia

Clara provided an example of her focus by presenting a diagram of the various states of water (solid, liquid, gas) that explained the concept of both her research and practice. A few things popped into my mind on reading the presentation and looking at the diagram, and prior to the symposium. There were:

  • Does Clara’s approach mean that her end products will be performative in her exhibition and if so what are her current thoughts about this?
  • Given that colour is a stated important part of her practice and given the constant transformative nature of water and performance, will either of both properties form part of her work?

Two others things popped into my mind while looking at Clara’s blog (see here)

  • Automation and change: where transformation is set off my something eg chemical relation and the result unknown.
  • Reductionism and revelation: were looking at something very closely can reveal different aesthetic qualities.

By the end of the symposium I had quite a different view about Clara’s approach. While all art is about the human condition, Clara’s focussed on its meditative qualities.  

“Vapour is born in silence’

“performing an emotion (inside that state of suspension) which is captured in a snap”

“that’s why it’s called Vapour is born in silence – we can only suspend ourselves in silence”

An excellent session.


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