Words as statements – one slightly different approach

Lev Manovich made the point in The Language of New Media about how digital compositing is often seamless and based on an aesthetic of continuity while historically montage was based on the opposite – ie visual, stylistic, semantic, and emotional dissonance between different elements. And so it was with this is mind that I came to find this rather powerful post on a forum I frequent.


It offered a good example of the power of form and its impact on the way we understand words. All I did was find a suitable background and layer the words across it and then play and format them.


In fact, as I write this I think the re-formatting of the words was a mistake as that gets in the way of the message. Maybe I should have reformed the words into an old fashioned ink pen letter as that might have made it more evocative.

Ah well, there is always tomorrow ….


Manovich, L. ( 2001 ) The Language of New Media, Published by MIT Press


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  1. Or engrave them on a bit of stone 😉

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