An approach to my work shown online – a new WordPress website


The production of the final body of work for online consumption requires a quite different approach from that of the book. I either needed to create a dedicated set of images for the site or use the site to show off the book (such as using a gif). In addition I needed to make sure my work can be easily accessed on all types of devices for viewing online material and thought about this back here.

Here I have fashioned a site where the 118 final images have been selected and created for it.  They may look the same as the book images but are formatted quite differently, and there are some different images than in the book. So for example, most of the images have been uploaded at 100 pixels per inch whereas the printed versions were all created at 300 pixels per inch; and many of the images have been differently crops than for a book.

I have kept the same structure online as for the book because it is conceptually good and works for online pages as well as book pages, but have include a few other images.

                      1. My Body
                      2. My Health
                      3. My Kit
                      4. My Home
                      5. My Street
                      6. My Country
                      7. My Experience
                      8. My Community
                      9. My Dreams
                      10. My Feelings
                      11. Your Rules: My response
                      12. Our Words
                      13. Blueprint
                      14. Paralysis Unseen: Words (the essay)

Site host and theme
The first task was finding a website theme that works for me in terms of layout, fonts and colours. I did not plan to build the site from scratch as I am not proficient in coding and so explored using WordPress or Weebly. There are a number of website comparison sites that discuss the pros and cons of each host. Here are a couple.

There really didn’t appear to be much in it so I created this site using WordPress – but I will experiment with Weebly some time too.

Here it is: Paralysis Unseen: Pictures and Words

What do you think? (Be honest!)


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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2 Responses to An approach to my work shown online – a new WordPress website

  1. Just for Websites says:

    Thanks for the mention. Would love to give you a hand with WordPress anytime you need. Have a post about how to make WordPress drag and drop just like Weebly. Making WordPress our top pick for website building.

    Just for Websites Team


  2. Tanya says:

    It looks great Pete, (really!) I was absorbed in the Home section, but also noted the new pictures in My Country – blue print was new too I think. It was easy to use the next button – flows easily- and a good choice to actually spell it out to people- who even in these technological days seem incapable of navigating a website!

    Liked by 1 person

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