The third draft of the physical books received

I received both my books today. Many of the changes I made last time have worked. 


As I mentioned prior to sending the books off for printing, the format is different for each book. For example, I have omitted the urine bags image in the smaller book as its just too small to work.


The standard paper on the large book is too thin and the images show through each page. The covers are not quite right and I want to experiment with them. But apart from that I think they may be finished.

Should the books have a forward? It’s sort of conventional. If I did want one I could ask Jonathan, the course leader, or maybe someone like Tony Heaton the CE of Shape. The purpose of many forwards in this type of book seems to be to orientate the viewer to the material and contextualise it. But this is achieved through words and I want to book to speak for itself – at least before people get to understand my perspective. So I need to think on this some more.


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South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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2 Responses to The third draft of the physical books received

  1. It is a very synchronized, ordered and controlled cover design, Pete. Like an optical illusion, when I look at the cover for a period of time, I can see shapes within the graphic pattern. Was that intentional?


    • anomiepete says:

      Thanks Jason – I think 😉 the earlier designs located the subject matter too much within me whereas I think this design places it squarely in the space between the wheelchair user and those around him/her.

      The shapes you’re seeing are nothing to do with me though!


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