Aspiration and isolation (me rambling)

Superheroes and their kit
Comic book superheroes have a lot to do with disabled people. They act as projection surfaces where people’ s fears and dreams find a safe place for expression. You only have to think about X men to see this where “mutants” offer viewers opportunities and nightmares.

But will disability aids ever become aspirational things?


I am a Martian
Sometimes I feel like a secret Martian agent. I look like you but when we talk our experiences are so distant from each other to make  me feel like I am from another planet. This thought popped in my head last week when I went to Camberwell College. I arrived in good time but was told that the session had been put back by an hour from 2 to 3 by agreement this morning. I can’t go anywhere in the college as its inaccessible. I was offered tea by a student but I can’t access the toilet without help so declined. People arrived at about 2.30 and the session began not long after, but by then I felt like a Martian as I looked like everyone else but felt very different – fixed, stuck, mentally isolated. This is why my online name in anomiepete.

I don’t blame anyone, I took this course at this place with enough knowledge to know what to expect. My error was in trying to push that boundary.  

About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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3 Responses to Aspiration and isolation (me rambling)

  1. Catherine says:

    That must have been so frustrating Pete. Didn’t they let students know about the change and who agreed it? I’m starting to feel annoyed.


    • anomiepete says:

      This happens a lot in life generally Catherine. Things are agreed, but then changed at the last minute by people present without thinking of the implications for someone like me who in this case was stuck in one room. That’s why I ended the post in the way I did. I can’t expect everyone to know about the issues I, or another wheelchair user, faces because that is just unrealistic (just as a can’t assume to know about the issues you face). But this means that I will always be a Martian rather than human.


    • Stella says:

      I’m so glad that the ineerntt allows free info like this!


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